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Celebrity Infinity: All Aboard!

Hello, I am back! This is the Hotel Director Ryan, with my final blog post from the new Solsticized Celebrity Infinity. As my colleagues have shared their insight into some of the other aspects of the project that were accomplished as well as commentary about their experiences during our return to service, I am pleased to share some news of the on board experience since we left Ft Lauderdale for South America.

First of all, December 3rd was the milestone we were all working toward and it proved to be a very demanding run to the finish line. All I can say is the crew is absolutely amazing! They are the reason we were able to transform the ship from a construction zone into a world class cruise ship, literally overnight. Our departure from Grand Bahama and transit to Florida was an incredible experience. We had a crew of 1000 working day and night to prepare the ship, right up to embarkation. Then everyone donned their brand new uniforms and went back to doing what they enjoy and do better than any group I have ever worked with—welcoming our guests with a big smile on their face!

Yes, we are back at sea and it feels great! Our guests have been enjoying all the new venues and their new staterooms. One of the most talked about restaurants is Blu. The food and service is fabulous and of course you need to be staying in AquaClass, so I would suggest you book that as soon as possible! The Martini Ice Bar is also very popular in the evenings, as well as the Constellation night club. Guests have commented how much they like the changes in the night club, because it has more of a “night club feel”. Qsine is busy every night and the feedback is terrific!

The ship has been Solsticized and many guests have compared the décor and style with the Solstice Class and comment how much they love the new Celebrity Infinity. We threw a party the other night to celebrate our first guests with the new Solsticized Celebrity Infinity. The theme was a White Night party, and we held it throughout the ship with a hosted bar from 10:30 to midnight. That’s right, free drinks at every bar for an hour and a half! This allowed everyone to engage with all the venues and party with live music throughout. The evening was a blast. Take a look at some comments and photos from some of our guests I have included here.

"I can’t wait to tell my children that I’ve been solsticized" Carol R.
“Oh my God…Love it..” Alexandre C.
“Qsine is over the top” Dorothy & Michael J.
“Love it” Cynthia M.
“Greatest experience ever” Marcela D.
“Muy Bien…..’ Maria R.
“Two thumbs up..” Eduardo S.
“Muy inovadora.” Miguel H.
“Exceptional…” Marcelo D.
“greatest experience by far…” Sarah C.
“We like it… the food is fantastic” Robert M.

As the Hotel Director, I would also like to thank everyone who made this project possible and a tremendous success. It has been a sincere pleasure sharing my experience with all of you via this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you all back on the ship very soon.

Finally, Let me take this opportunity to introduce Sheldon Thompson, Hotel Director for Celebrity Summit. He’ll be signing on shortly to share stories and a behind the scenes look at the upcoming “solsticizing” of Celebrity Summit, beginning 1/7/12.

Happy Holidays!