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Celebrity Summit: Ready, set, Solsticize!

Greetings from the Sunny Bahamas!!

We left San Juan just after 3:00am on January 8th to sail down to the Bahamas, averaging a cruising speed of just over 21 knots. The ship arrived on time at 19:00 hours at the pilot station and safely entered the dock at 21:30. Another great job from Captain Costas and his bridge Officers. Always professional!

And now, here we are—high and dry on the blocks as of 5:30am this morning. 

From the moment the last guest left the ship on January 7th and the announcement was made for all contractors and crewmembers to begin work, there has been ongoing, non-stop action. I am amazed and impressed at the commitment, dedication and organization from all involved. What an amazing group of professionals we have on board!

Lounges are being stripped faster than I can walk the ship. From day to day and hour to hour, things are changing. Sparks are flying and furniture is moving. Bulkheads are coming down and others are going up. One moment we are emptying the bar in Revelations, and the next moment the bar is gone. The hole in the Martini Bar has been filled in. The open decks are packed with containers and the ship is looking more like a construction site-come-cargo vessel than our beautiful Celebrity Summit as we know her. 

One great factor in all of this is our awesome crew who always maintains their smiles and morale. They are constantly supporting each other and looking out for one another. It is inspiring for us all to see how our little village pulls together and unites to tackle our goals. It is like a second Christmas for the crew, as we are moving all of the good furniture that is marked to be off-loaded into the crew areas for remodeling. And, of course, Becky and Jacqueline, our awesome HR Managers, are taking very good care of our crew as usual.

Today has been especially busy, as an additional 600 contractors and day workers have joined the operation. Work has been intensified and containers are swinging on and off at a steady rate. The good news is that we are progressing on time and as per schedule.

And finally, until my next update, a big ‘thank you’ to the F&B Team for the delicious food!